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Mainnet launch countdown

Stay tuned for our upcoming, long-awaited launch to Ethereum & BSC Mainnet!

ethbox is now live on Ethereum,
Binance Smart Chain & Polygon Mainnet!

Welcome To ethbox

With the power of the blockchain, we make sure you'll never lose funds due to a wrong transaction address again.

  • Connect your wallet
  • Insert recipient address
  • Choose a passphrase (optional)
  • Set transaction value
  • Send!
inserting a recipient
« How do I receive funds through ethbox? »

Two clicks and a passphrase

Simply connect to ethbox through your wallet and enter the passphrase you were given by the sender (if any). That's all there is to it.

accepting funds
« What if something went wrong? »

Cancel transactions at any time

A transaction sent through ethbox can be cancelled by the sender at any time, as long as the recipient hasn't retrieved it yet.

canceling the transaction

100% DeFi OTC Trading

Trade ETH and ERC-20 token peer-to-peer, trustlessly.

The ethbox smart contract enables simple, straight-forward & safe over-the-counter (OTC) transactions between users.

Funds can be sent & requested in a single transaction, which is only fulfilled once both trading parties have put their part. This way, users are completely safe from any form of fraud or scam.

over the counter feature
eht logo


ethbox facilitates privacy both by design, and with an extra opt-in privacy feature.

Sending & receiving funds through ethbox interrupts the chain of transactions that can be clearly traced back. Additionally, an extra privacy feature will be implemented, which obfuscates the sender's & recipient's addresses.

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Smart contract audit

In order to guarantee the high level of security & trustability that is required for the task we've set out to complete, our smart contract has been audited by our partners at CertiK Foundation.

 Audit Report 

Token utility

In conceiving the EBOX token, our main focus was to create a fair & functional ecosystem that's beneficial to every user, as well as sustainable in the long run.

Reduced service fee

Holding EBOX tokens will guarantee a (large!) discount in service fee. For transactions below $300, ethbox is free to use.

Please see our Whitepaper for further detail on our service fee structure.

Deflationary token

Smart contract logic ensures that 25% of ethbox's generated fee are used to buy back & burn EBOX tokens. All EBOX holders profit from the shrinking token supply.

A live view will be available in the near future.

Regular payout

As ethbox is a project by the community, for the community, all users will benefit from the success of ethbox. We are regularly sharing part of the generated ethbox service fee to all EBOX holders.

Further details on the payout plan will follow.

Governance voting

Standing true to our roots within the community, EBOX holders can vote on key subjects regarding the development of ethbox. Anyone holding EBOX tokens is eligible to participate free of extra charge.

Staking rewards

To support those who support us, ethbox offers staking rewards for the first 4 years after the token generation event (TGE) for everyone holding EBOX tokens.

Token economics

Total supply: 65,000,000 EBOX
Initial supply: 8,439,500 EBOX
  • 32% Token sale

    See below for vesting details

  • 18% Staking

    Available for staking for 4 years, starting at TGE

  • 16% Marketing

    Monthly distribution over 24 months, starting 6 months after TGE

  • 12% Team

    Monthly distribution over 18 months, starting 12 months after TGE

  • 10% Backup

    Monthly distribution over 12 months, starting 24 months after TGE

  • 4% Liquidity

    Fully unlocked at TGE

  • 3% Advisory

    Monthly distribution over 12 months, starting at TGE

  • 2% Backup

    Monthly distribution over 6 months, starting 6 months after TGE

For further detail, feel free to have a look inside our Whitepaper.

Token sale details

Strategic – 6%

7% unlocked at token generation event (”TGE”), monthly distribution of other 93% over following 12 months

Amount in EBOX
$ 0.038
Amount in USD
$ 148,200
Unlocked at TGE
12 months

Private Sale – 24%

20% unlocked at TGE, monthly distribution of other 80% over following 4 months

Amount in EBOX
$ 0.047
Amount in USD
$ 733,200
Unlocked at TGE
4 months

Public Sale – 2.5%

Fully unlocked at TGE

Amount in EBOX
$ 0.055
Amount in USD
$ 89,375
Unlocked at TGE

DuckDAO Farmcubation – 2.5%

50% unlocked at TGE, monthly distribution of other 50% over following 2 months

Amount in EBOX
$ 0.050
Amount in USD
$ 81,250
Unlocked at TGE
2 months

For further detail, feel free to have a look inside our Whitepaper.

Trade EBOX!

The EBOX token is currently available for trading on Uniswap and PancakeSwap.


  • Q3 2020

    • Idea generation
    • Team building
    • Definition / visualization of business model
    • Creating executive summary
    • Development kickstart – Smart contract based sending / receiving (basic feature)
    • Branding and logo design
    • Launch of teaser page
    • Finalization of development regarding basic smart contract functionality
    • Alpha release on Rinkeby Testnet
  • Q4 2020

    • Internal market analysis
    • Pre-beta release on Rinkeby Testnet
    • Gathering investors and external stakeholders
    • Alliance with marketing partners
  • Q1 2021

    • Beta release on Rinkeby Testnet, including OTC feature
    • Lightpaper release
    • Code audit #1 with CertiK Foundation
    • Sale round #1 - Strategic sale
    • Sale round #2 - Private sale
    • ”Ask Me Anything” with DuckDAO & others
    • Code audit #2 with CertiK Foundation
    • Token generation event
    • Listing on DEX
    • Start of liquidity provider bonus program
  • Q2 2021

    • Gas fee optimization
    • Implementation of staking
    • Address book implementation
    • Privacy feature upgrade
    • Mainnet release
    • Development of payroll feature
    • Marketing offensive
    • Chain extension with Polkadot
    • Further expansion of roadmap


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